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Thursday, December 14, 2017

Forcefully Prevent HANA Tenant DB From Starting

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Scenario: Your HANA system is having some serious memory problems.
In the memory you have remaining you can’t get the SYSTEM database to run, so you can’t stop a particular tenant database.

Here’s how you can use the hdbnsutil utility to prevent hdbdaemon from trying to start a tenant database.
As the <sid>adm user, kill off all remaining HANA system processes:
> hdbdaemon -quit
Export the topology:
> hdbnsutil -exportTopology /tmp/topology_export.txt
Edit the file and change the “status” of the tenant database to be “no”:
> vi /tmp/topology_export.txt

Save the file and quit vi.
Reload the topology using hdbnsutil:
> hdbnsutil -importTopology
Now restart hdbdaemon:
> hdbdaemon -start

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