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Saturday, July 16, 2016

Power Notes Searcher Updated to v2.0

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I’ve finally managed to update the Power Notes Searcher to v2.0, which now supports the new SAP ONE support portal.
This is my free Google Chrome Extension to make life easier if you have to wade through a lot of SAP notes on a regular basis.  This is my tried and trusted tool for 3 years now and it was time to provide an update.

Whilst the main features of Power Notes Searcher remain the same, a few notable features are:

- Highlighted note numbers can now be double clicked to open the note, even if it’s not an actual HTML link.
- Increased the history size to 150 notes.
-  Smaller code base due to the use of the Google code compiler for JavaScript.
- Note content searches now highlight the note numbers without needing to initiate the search through the Power Notes Searcher popup.
- Collapsable settings area, simplifies the screen layout and increases viewing area for the history table.

I’ve also installed some basics into the code to provide for a future “tag” feature to allow notes to be tagged and organised in the history table.

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