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Monday, April 14, 2014

SAP DBCO Connection Without TNSNAMES

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In order to create an external database connection to another database, so that an ABAP program can access it, you normally create the connection details in transaction DBCO.

However, if you use the ST04 transaction, it provides additional fields where you can enter the connection details such as Oracle listener port number, which will allow you to construct a connection string which will not require an entry in the server's TNSNAMES.ora file.


Anonymous said...

Daryl, this is a good tip! Can you give an example connection string? We would like to use this feature since our db is now on hana instead of oracle and there is no longer a tnsnames.ora.

Darryl Griffiths said...


I don't have an example of an Oracle connection string to hand, but the HANA one will depend on how you are planning to connect.

Take a look at the ODBC string on the help page here: