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Thursday, April 24, 2014

HowTo: SAP Kernel Patch History

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Scenario: Your SAP system Kernel has been patched.
You would like to see the patch history of the system and you are running on Windows and SQL Server.

You can view the patch history for a DLL or EXEcutable (such as disp+work) by querying a table in the SQL Server database as follows (changing the <SID>):

SQL>  select * from <SID>.MSSDWDLLS
    where DLLNAME='disp+work.EXE'

The results will provide a complete traceable history of the system including the previous identity of the SAP system, the different application instances and any inconsistencies in the DLL versions.

SAP Kernel Patch History SQL Server


Anonymous said...

Hi Darryl:
This is a very interesting feature. Does similar table exists in Oracle 11g running on HP-UX?


Darryl Griffiths said...

Hello MD,

Apologies for the delay, I've been away for a few days.

As far as I know, this table only seems to exist on SQL Server based SAP systems.
The table is "MSSDWDLLS".
I guess if there was to be one on HP-UX or Solaris, the table name would be "xxxDWDLLS", except that DLLs don't exist on those systems, at least, they are not called DLLs. So that part of the table name may change too.

In summary, I'm not really sure.
I'd need to go through a table dump in the database and try to spot the table.
I found this table by tracing in SQL Server, during SAP system startup, so maybe a similar approach on Oracle or other databases may prove useful.