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Thursday, April 03, 2014

HANA Studio - Diagnosis Mode Connection Overload

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Be careful when using HANA Studio in Diagnosis Mode with the refresh interval set to a low value.
When set to 5 seconds (the default), the number of connections opened to the HANA DB is one every 5 seconds:

HANA Diagnosis Mode refresh interval

If you check the number of connections with a tool such as TCPView or Process Monitor, you will see a very high number of ESTABLISHED connections over time:

 HANA client connections established

Note that the HANA DB SQL port is 3<xx>15.

Under certain heavy network load, you could be causing more strain on your PC, the network and the HANA server.

Simply decrease the refresh time and this will allow your PC to close off the un-wanted connections in time to create the new ones, reducing your CPU consumption.

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