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Monday, October 29, 2012

Values for SAP Auth Objects F_REGU_BUK and F_REGU_KOA

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Whilst configuring some new read-only SAP roles for FICO access, I was struggling to find the desctiptions for the actions for authorisation objects F_REGU_BUK and F_REGU_KOA   values for FBTCH (Action for Automatic Procedure).

I found that these were actually viewable in transaction F110, then on menu select “Environment -> Authorizations”.

A popup is displayed with the following legend:

Key Action
02 Edit parameters
03 Display parameters
11 Execute proposal
12 Edit proposal
13 Display proposal
14 Delete proposal
15 Create payment medium proposal
21 Execute payment run
23 Display payment run
24 Delete payment run payment dat
25 Create payment media of paymen
26 Delete payment orders of payme
31 Print payment medium manually

For a read-only role, I would recommend only actions 03,13,23 and possibly 31 (in case the electronic BACS payment method breaks).

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